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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yesterday was crazy. I had a hair appointment at 9, Jack had an investor coming to meet with him at 12 and have lunch, Julianna was coming at 11:30, Jack had a meeting about our new condominium at 4 and we were going to dinner with my sister at 6! Whew! We got it all done, but it was crazy.

Julianna has been spitting up like mad! She is drinking a different kind of formula and I think that is what is causing it. Her dad thinks it is the rice cereal she is on. Courtney will call the doctor today and we will find out what to do.

Today she walked with Papaw and grinned a lot and watched the cat. She is napping now and must be having a good nap because she has been quiet for 45 minutes so far. She is a real sweetheart. We got some pictures from my husband's brother of his grandson. He was born 10 days after Julianna. Of course we think ours is the cutest, prettiest, sweetest, get the picture :)

Courtney has a cold and is stressed already and the kids don't even start until tomorrow. I know it is hard being a new mom, but as I told her this morning, I still worry about her and her sister and they are 28 and 25. Some things never change.


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