Nanna's Notes

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Where do the days go? Julianna was such a sweet little girl this week. She slept 3 hours one afternoon! I kept going in to see if she was breathing and of course she was. Maybe she is trying to stop one of her naps or maybe she was just tired. She still spits up a lot, but I don't really guess it is bothering her. Maybe Courtney will ask the doctor when she goes for her 6 month checkup.

Wow, she is already 5 months old. It just seems like yesterday that Papaw and I were looking for reasons to go to see the little one and just hold her and let her sleep in our arms. She has changed so amazingly fast! She rolls over and scoots around. Before long she will be crawling or maybe just walking.

Another week gone. We are so blessed to spend the time with her. She reaches out for Papaw and loves to be outside with him. I can't wait until we can take her to some music classes or the library.....


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