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Monday, May 07, 2007

What a week I have had! After having knee pain off and on for about a year, the family finally convinced me to go to an orthopedic surgeon. I did and he told me that I need a total knee replacement. With no insurance, that was scary, but we have talked to FMH and they are going to work with us. My surgery is scheduled for June 25. Of course I had signed up for a 1 mile walk for the Susan G. Komen race on Saturday. Our girls and I walked with a group from GMAC. It was not so bad, but I really paid for it on Sunday. My knee has never hurt so bad. This morning it is some better.

Another of the 4 Carolina Muskateers died, Hines, and his funeral was on Saturday also. What a busy day. Now just Eddie and Jack are left. That will be strange when the UNC games start.

Julianna is growing up way too fast! She is understanding so much that we tell her and can say several words. Of course she wants her way too. We need to work on that. Love and consistency might help.

Got to get some things done. They have really gone up with the Summit. We need to pick out cabinets and countertops and wall and floor coverings by June 1. I guess my beach trip is postponed too because of the surgery...... and this is retirement?


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